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In the Beginning

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Genesis 1
1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

When I attended public school I was taught several different theories about how the world came into existence. My science teacher believed that the world came into existence by a huge explosion, and life was born. Logically I had a problem with this. Spiritually I had an even bigger problem with this theory. I listened to the explanation, but the evidence was weak and made no sense logically or spiritually. People have tried for thousands of years to explain creation. Egyptians believed the world was formed first by a god who created himself by will and thought. Buddhist believe the world was created by awareness and spiritual beings. Hindu’s believe that a man was sacrificed and his body parts formed the universe. The list goes on and on about different beliefs.

In Genesis 1 there is no greater way to begin creation. “In the beginning God.” Can you grasp the very first verse of the Bible? There were no fables, no multiple gods, and no people. At the start of all life there was God. God is the beginning. Some may ask who or what was here before God? Nothing! God has always been and will always be!

Now that we have established that God is the beginning, we can look at the creation of the world. Have you ever thought about the world and all its complexities? Watch a sunrise or a sunset and see the colors transform before your eyes. Look at the mountains and the waters that cover the earth. Consider how the earth is perfectly positioned from the sun to bring about life. You could go on and on for pages about the complexities of the world but most importantly, God created it all.

There is no greater evidence of God than His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus performed miracles on this earth that no man could ever do. He healed the sick, he commanded demons, he walked on water and commanded the sea. He conquered death and rose from the grave and ascended to heaven. When you consider all that Jesus did on this earth it is not hard to grasp the creation of the world. If you are questioning if God is real or if he cares about you. Did you know that God, the beginning and creator of the world desires to have a relationship with you? Jesus is waiting for you. Will you accept him as your God and Savior?

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